mardi 29 janvier 2008

Safi, the district of the potters

The district of the Potters occupies the slopes of the hill, where a hundred craftsmen established taking advantage of the abundance of good quality clay...

Where to sleep in Safi?

You can see the activated potters in front of the furnaces; downwards, a long shopping gallery and the school of the co-operative where it is possible to follow all the manufacture stages: turning, decoration and cooking

Sefrou, visits and ideas

The waterfalls of the Aggai wadi:

The koubba of Sidi bou Ali Serghine:
Holy place (not for visits) built near the miraculous source of Lalla Rekia, with a beautiful wide view on Sefrou, surrounded by its greenery carpet, compared to a oasis without palm trees...

lundi 28 janvier 2008

Sefrou, presentation of the city

38 km to the South-east of Fez, Sefrou is a city surrounded by orchards and staged between 800 and 900 m of altitude on the two banks of the Aggai wadi, crossed by several arched bridges.

Where to sleep in Sefrou?

It occupies an alluring site to the limits of the plain of Fez and the middle atlas plates. Cascades and brooks run in a bed of greenery, thanks to the abundant sources which spouts out from the base of the plates.

This small white city at the feet of the mountain had already acquired some importance in the 12th century, thanks to its situation between Fez and Tafilalt. It carried on developing a century later, when it hosted a strong Jewish community originating from the South of Algeria. The ancient Mellah thus occupies most of the old walled city.

Centre of craft industry and a market of fruits and cereals. The cherries of Sefrou are highly famous.
Each year in June, the festival of Cherries gives place to rejoicings, Berber songs, dances of the country, fantasia, tank parade, under the presidency of the "Queen of Cherries" and of its following.

jeudi 24 janvier 2008

Ouarzazate, the cinema studios

Ouarzazate became the cinematographic centre of Morocco.
Many famous international productions were turned in this area: ' Lawrence of Arabia ', ' Gladiator ', ' a tea in the Sahara ', ' the Man which wanted to be a king ', ' the last temptation of Christ ', ' Asterix ', ' Kundun, and recently ' Alexander the great ', etc. The majority of films are carried out in the "Atlases Studios" you will not miss them if you arrive from Marrakesh, the 2 vast studios are located on your right, just in the entry of Ouarzazate.
PS : PS: opened daily, except in turning period, 09:00 am to 06:00 pm.

Ouarzazate, history of the city

Built in 1928 by the French, this garrison town (60 000 inhabitants) became the administrative capital of the Drâa area. Located at 1 160 m of altitude, in the confluence area of the Drâa wadi and Dades wadi, whose valleys are exceptional. With its ochre houses and its inordinately large central street, the city may disappoint, but its particular atmosphere already announces the Sahara.

Where to sleep in Ouarzazate?

The exceptional geographic situation of Ouarzazate confers to it the statute of stage town: it is the starting point of excursions towards the Dades valley to the East, the Oases road to the South and towards the Anti-Atlas Mountains. Ouarzazate, beyond all that: remains a door opening on the fabulous dream of desert adventure!

lundi 3 septembre 2007

Oujda, the cave of Taforalt

The cave of Taforalt is located in Eastern Morocco, to 55 km to the north west of Oujda.
Started in 1951 with the Roche abbot the excavations were sustained by the Moroccan archaeological service in co-operation with the French archaeological mission since 1969.

The dating carried out showed that the Iberomaurisian occupation of this site is intercalated between 21 900 LP and 10 800 LP, the Aterian occupation gave dates which are situated between 32.000 and 40.000 years LP.

The cave of Taforalt is of a great importance since it delivered several human remainders, ornament objects and faunal remainders.

El Jadida, Moussem de Moulay Abdallah

Le village de pêcheurs de Moulay Abdallah, au sud d’El Jadida est, au mois d’août, le lieu où se déroule l’un des plus beau moussem de tout le Maroc. Les points culminants de ce pèlerinage vers la Zaouia du Saint sont constitués par des jeux équestres, des fantasias, où les cavaliers montrent leur agilité exceptionnelle.